Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Serpent Sting Bug


Apparently, the Serpent Sting debuff strips a mob of all armor. Or something.


Maz said...

Treisk could you do me a favor.

This is Mazinkaiser, we had some brief discussions awhile back about hunters and arena.

I canceled both my accounts so I can not post on wow forms, not that it would matter seeing as how my hunter account was perma forum banned (I was the one that gave out the local blizz socal phone number, you know the one you can google).

I have an issue right now with everyone talking about hunter dps and how great it appears to be in the beta right now. I will agree, it appears to be a definite buff, UNTIL you start watching videos of Titan warriors, DK's, and JESUS CHRIST RET PALLIES with 20k crits...YES 20,000 damage crits.

I just want the hunter community to see that other classes have received buffs as well, and the ones hunters have received have so far not proven to measure up to the other classes.

Thank you.

Maz said...

Titans grip

ret palli beta

warlock wotlk beta

Maz said...
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Maz said...

There is one more thing I see on the forums that most of the hunter community does not understand. This has to do with resilience and pet crit.

Currently pets do not scale with hunter crit. Pets have a base 5% crit chance that can be talented 10% for a 15% total crit chance. The problem is that in pvp 400 resilience negates 10% crit so the pets is back at 5% and 500 resilience takes the pet down to a 2.5% chance to crit, and that is a TALENTED pet.

The majority of BM's goodies come from pet crits, but in a pvp environment the pet simply does not crit.

I dueled another hunter trying to explain this to him. My toon has 14700k health and like 7700 armor. The duel was staged and all he did was let his pet chew on me. In the time it took his SCORPION to chew through 14700 health I think his pet crit 7 times proccing frenzy and F.I., if resilience did not affect pets Frenzy and FI would have been up damn near 100% of the time.

Please spread this word. IF hunter pets are not going to be given resilience, then their crits should not be mitigated by resilience.

In a pvp environment Ferocity, Frenzy, Ferocious Inspiration and Invigoration are all a waste of talent points.

I dont believe that BM was meant as the straight raiding tree initially. The dps nerf to MM and the old shot rotation killing hunters is what forced hunters into 'discovering' haste and a macro to maximize dps. The beast within is imo a pretty obvious pvp talent. The rest of the tree should work accordingly.

Now if pets get a 100% scaling with resilience from the master, then I will understand to a degree, but as it is now it really makes no sense why pets are PART of the hunter class, not an extra npc like a mage, shaman, priest or DK. That being said there is no reason that pets should be affected by resilience when it comes time to do damage, but not have any resilience when it comes time to taking damage.

Christoffer said...

you kidding me? look at that titan warrior, he doesn't do more dps than a wellgeared furywarrior today. you gotta be out of your mind if you don't agree that serpent sting and explosive shot and shit is overpowered. wake up twat -_-

brad said...


Daniel said...

Well, it's been almost 2 months now since any updates. Guess nothing has changed with hunters.